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Free Forever - Coeliac Support SA

CPD lab is very excited to announce their affiliation with Free Forever - Gluten Free Support SA. Free Forever is a Support Group  and information centre for South Africans suffering from Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity and related conditions. 

Why did CPD lab collaborate to form Free Forever? 

CPD lab recognised some of the problems that many patients face/d when diagnosed with Coeliac, IBS or any Gluten related condition: 

  • It took a while  for patients to be diagnosed. Many patients had to do their own research and go from doctor to doctor to get a final diagnosis. 
  • There was not a lot of information available for the general public in South Africa, as opposed to in the UK.
  • People did not know who (which doctors/healthcare professionals) to see.
  • There was no known multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals for Coeliac and the related conditions.
  • Once diagnosed, patients didn't know of anyone who had been through this that they could talk to for support.
  • Patients did not know where they could buy Gluten Free products, which restaurants they could frequent, or how their lifestyles needed to change.

For more information go to the Free Forever - Coeliac Support SA website.