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Online learning - Module 1

Module 1 - Ethics Learning

This learning uses an interesting case-study and is based on the principles of the HPCSA Booklet #12

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X2 Ethics CPD Points (HPCSA Accredited) 

Although the topic of this material is based on "the right to die with dignity", the learning herein can be applied to any situation. The point of this training is to make learners think of their own moral compasses, by providing a reasoned framework to do so.

Please read the training material (to be purchased below) before attempting the test afterwards. The link to the test is on the last page of the training material. You have unlimited time to complete the test. You need to achieve 70% to obtain your CPD points and certificate. You will receive your results immediately on completion of the test. You will receive a digital certificate as evidence that you completed the training, should you achieve the desired results. Save it and print it. You may attempt the test as many times as necessary, however, the test is set at a level that should you have grasped the content, a result of 100% is easily achievable. This training, including the evaluation, will take roughly one hour. CPD lab will send a summary of successful participants to the Wits Health Consortium on the last working day of every month, for their records.

This training is brought to you by CPD lab in conjunction with APPLY Ethics®. This material was developed by Susan Stos and is the sole property of APPLY Ethics®. This material may not be copied, shared, edited or plagiarized.

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