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Our trainers

At CPD lab, we only make use of the best trainers. Our trainers are hand-picked after many interviews and reviews. We have ensured that our trainers share our training philosophy. Our philosophy is that clients shouldn't be training just for the sake of training, the learning experienced by participants should add value and enhance the participants growth, both in the area being taught, their role within your organisation and even in other aspects of their lives. Your staff are at the core of your business and thus we want to ensure that the message we are relaying to your staff is one of quality, relevance and experienced insight.

As we face turbulent times, globally as well as locally, the concept of ethics within our society is of huge importance. Ethics can be taught. At CPD lab, we aim to do our part to have each person we train question their own moral fibre as they face ethical dilemma's we present them with.


Susan Stos

Susan began her career in educational publishing in Canada after attaining an Honours BA in English Literature from McMaster University. She later embarked on a career in television production and journalism while working in the newsroom of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She immigrated to South Africa one week after Carte Blanche was launched and was soon appointed as the program's first producer/director. She later became executive producer of Carte Blanche Africa, which was broadcast to the continent.

After obtaining a Masters degree in journalism from the University of the Witwatsrand for which she wrote a thesis on journalism ethics, she developed a model and program to teach ethics. APPLY Ethics is both an acronym and a process for making ethical decisions. The program has been adopted by a number of schools. She gives workshops and talks about ethics to parents, teachers, schools and more laterally to businesses, companies and organisations. Susan has contributed to two academic textbooks on ethics; presented academic papers on the subject; and peer--‐reviewed articles for academic journals. She has lectured at the University of Johannesburg to post--‐graduate students, and has lectured and mentored at Big Fish. She continues to study ethics in its various guises, completing courses on practical ethics, everyday ethics, business ethics and unethical business decision--‐ making. She is currently researching a proposal for a doctorate in philosophy.