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CPD points management

Managing your CPD points portfolio is not part of your core business function. Often doctors' receptionists/assistants are able to manage this process for the doctor, however, sometimes they too are too busy or pre-occupied with managing the practice's accounts, appointments and billing to manage the CPD portfolio with the know-how and high standard that is expected.

For a reasonable monthly fee, CPD lab will manage this process for you. CPD lab will ensure that you are audit ready at all times and will act as the go-between the doctor and the HPCSA. We go further in personally advising the doctor of upcoming CPD's which will be valuable to them.

A CPD lab agent will meet with the doctor to determine their preferences, such as:

  • The type/method of learning preferred (online, classroom, conference etc).
  • The contact details of some of their pharmaceutical reps (for conference sponsoring).
  • When they prefer to attend CPD's.
  • Their topics of interest.
  • Convenient areas/locations to attend CPD's

Once the agent has met with the doctor and created a profile for them with, they will manage the doctor's CPD points, from beginning to end. The role of the agent will be to alert the doctor of any CPD's which will suit the doctor and to ensure that the doctor has the right amount of points per topic (such as ethics) annually.

To chat to an agent about managing your CPD points portfolio, email We will respond to you as soon as possible.