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Social responsibility

Due to CPD lab's founder's passion for beautiful things, design and creativity, it was only apt that CPD lab would choose to invest in creative projects. 

CPD lab's founder was fortunate to meet talented South African artists who are skilled in their areas of expertise (such as electrics, woodwork, metal work etc), in need of jobs or sustainable incomes. CPD lab saw this as an opportunity to become involved in something they were passionate about, whilst making a difference.

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The model

CPD lab pays talented individuals to create products that are innovative and unique. CPD lab's team believes in up-cycling and looking after the environment. Therefore all their products are up-cycled or are at least made up of elements of up-cycling or repurposing.

CPD lab pays for the material costs, as well as labour costs to create unique products to sell. Thereafter CPD lab sells them and splits the profits with the team.  CPD lab's share of the profits go back into the Social Responsibility (SR) business to purchase more materials. CPD lab aims to grow the SR business and to create businessmen/women who are able to earn substantially more than they previously did, by giving them the means to express their creativity and create wonderful items that can be appreciated.

Some of our work:

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